How to become a CrossFit Judge: A Guide to the Judges Course

Overview of CrossFit Games Judges Course

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The CrossFit Games Judges Course is a program designed to train and certify judges for the CrossFit Games season. The program covers the rules and standards for the different events and workouts held during the CrossFit Games season. CrossFit, Inc. believes that the judges’ knowledge and ability to apply these rules and standards play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity of the competition. The course is also aimed at ensuring that athletes receive accurate and fair assessments in their competition workouts.

The Judges Course curriculum is divided into two main parts: the online coursework and the practical application. The online coursework is designed to be self-paced and covers a range of topics related to judging CrossFit competitions. The coursework includes lectures, interactive learning, and quizzes. The online coursework serves as the foundation for the practical application, which is where candidates put their learning into practice.

The online coursework is divided into several modules, each of which covers a different aspect of judging CrossFit competitions. These modules cover topics such as movement standards, scoring, and common faults. Each module requires candidates to complete several quizzes to test their understanding of the material. Once candidates have completed all the online coursework and passed the quizzes, they are eligible to take the practical application.

The practical application is the final stage of the CrossFit Games Judges Course. This stage is designed to allow candidates to apply the knowledge gained through the online coursework in a real-world setting. The practical application is typically held at a regional event or during the CrossFit Games season. During the practical application, candidates are evaluated on their ability to apply the rules and standards covered in the online coursework to real-life scenarios. Candidates who pass the practical application are awarded the CrossFit Games Judges Certificate, which is a credential recognized by CrossFit, Inc. as proof of their competence in judging CrossFit competitions.

Overall, the CrossFit Games Judges Course is an essential program for anyone interested in judging CrossFit competitions. The course helps to ensure that the CrossFit Games are run to the highest standards of fairness and integrity. The course also provides an opportunity for individuals to learn about CrossFit and develop a deeper understanding of the sport. The CrossFit Games Judges Certificate is also a valuable credential that can help individuals advance their careers in the fitness industry.

The Role of Judges in Ensuring Fairness and Safety

The Role of Judges in Ensuring Fairness and Safety

One of the essential elements of a successful CrossFit competition is accurate and fair judging. The judges play a crucial role in ensuring that each athlete completes the workout correctly, within the prescribed time frame, and according to the rules. In addition, they also ensure that the athletes are safe and injury-free throughout the competition. To fulfill these duties, judges must remain vigilant, focused, and objective at all times.

Correctly judging a CrossFit competition requires an in-depth understanding of the movements, standards, and protocols established by CrossFit. It also requires judges to be familiar with common faults and mistakes that athletes often make during workouts. Judges who lack this knowledge are more likely to make errors in scoring, overlook safety concerns, or fail to identify when athletes are not meeting the standards required.

Furthermore, accurate judging is essential for the integrity of the overall competition. No one can deny the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing an intense CrossFit workout – and there’s nothing more disappointing for an athlete than feeling that their efforts have been overlooked or discredited. When judges are thorough and precise in their assessments, athletes feel confident that their achievements have been recognized and celebrated fairly.

The role of the judge goes beyond merely counting reps or calling “no-reps.” Judges must exhibit strong communication skills, a thorough understanding of the movements, and a consistent approach to spotting errors. It’s essential that judges provide constructive feedback to athletes, has a clear understanding of the consequences of improper movement or unsafe practices, and be empathetic towards the athletes.

Another critical aspect of accurate judging is prioritizing the safety of the athletes. All CrossFit workouts are designed to push participants beyond their physical and emotional limits. This can sometimes result in athletes pushing themselves past their limits, leading to injuries. Judges must be watchful to ensure that the athletes’ movements are safe and free from any risks of injuries. They must carefully observe the athletes’ form, identify potential weaknesses, and intervene when necessary to prevent any serious harm.

Enrolling in a CrossFit Games judges course is the best way to enhance your skills and knowledge as a judge. Throughout the course, you’ll learn in-depth about movements, range of motion, rules and regulations, scaling options, and effective feedback techniques. The course is designed to provide participants with the tools necessary to execute their roles as judges effectively. It is also an excellent opportunity for judges to learn about how to create a positive athlete-judge relationship.

In conclusion, the role of the judge in a CrossFit competition is vital in ensuring fairness, consistency, and safety. As judges, it’s essential to stay focused, knowledgeable and objective in assessing the athletes. With proper training, constructive feedback, and a consistent approach to spotting errors, judges can help athletes perform at their best while pushing them safely.

Skills and Knowledge Covered in the Judges Course

Judges Course in Crossfit Games

The Crossfit judges course is designed to provide officials with the skills they need to evaluate and score athletes at the Crossfit Games. The course covers a variety of topics, from movement standards to the rules and regulations of the Crossfit Games. Here are the skills and knowledge covered in the Crossfit Games judges course:

1. Movement Standards

Crossfit Movement Standards

The Crossfit judges course emphasizes the importance of movement standards in the Crossfit Games. Officials must be able to identify good and bad form in various exercises, including weightlifting, gymnastics, and metabolic conditioning. The course covers the proper technique for each exercise, as well as the common errors athletes make. Judges must be able to evaluate each athlete’s form and determine whether they are complying with the movement standards. There are strict rules governing how athletes may perform each exercise, and officials must be able to enforce those rules effectively.

2. The Rules of the Crossfit Games

Rules of Crossfit Games

In addition to movement standards, officials must be familiar with the rules of the Crossfit Games. The course covers the various events in the Games, as well as the scoring system used to determine the winners. Judges must also understand the penalties athletes may face for violating the rules, such as missing a rep or failing to follow the prescribed technique. Officials must be able to explain the rules to athletes and answer any questions they may have about the events or the scoring system.

3. The Role of the Judge

Role of Judge

The Crossfit judges course also covers the role of the judge in the competition. Officials must be able to maintain a professional demeanor and interact appropriately with athletes, coaches, and spectators. They must be able to make decisions quickly and confidently, even in high-pressure situations. Judges must be able to communicate effectively with other officials and ensure that the competitions run smoothly. They must also be able to deal with any disputes or complaints that arise during the event. Officials must be impartial and unbiased, treating all athletes fairly and equally.

In summary, the Crossfit judges course covers a range of skills and knowledge necessary to evaluate and score athletes at the Crossfit Games. Officials must be familiar with the movement standards, rules, and regulations of the Games, as well as their role as judges. Taking the course is essential for anyone who wants to officiate at the Crossfit Games or other Crossfit events.

How to Get Certified as a CrossFit Games Judge

CrossFit Games Judge Certification

CrossFit is widely known for its intense and rigorous exercises that challenge both athletes and judges alike. As a competition, every athlete needs a competent, reliable, and impartial judge to evaluate their performance during the matches. The judges’ job is to ensure that the participants comply with the standard methods, movements, and form required for each specific event. Hence, CrossFit has established a certification program that enables individuals to qualify as CrossFit Games Judges. The following are the significant steps to get certified as a CrossFit Games Judge:

1. Learn the CrossFit Rules, Standards, and Regulations

CrossFit Games Judges Training

The judges’ primary responsibility is to ensure fair play and consistency of movement standards during the competition. Therefore, before any certification, it’s essential to learn and have an in-depth understanding of the CrossFit rules and regulations. The judges must have a solid foundation in the fundamental movements, scoring system, officiating procedures, and the general standard of every event. To achieve this, the online CrossFit Judge Course offers comprehensive training materials, videos, and tests that provide an excellent platform for learning and enhancing the judges’ skills.

2. Register and Complete the Online CrossFit Judges Course

Online Crossfit Judge Course

The CrossFit Judges Course is an online learning platform that offers an in-depth course on CrossFit rules, standards, and officiating procedures. The course comprises online learning modules, quizzes, and tests that evaluate the learner’s skill and knowledge base. The training aims to offer a comprehensive and robust understanding of the CrossFit competition, scoring system, and movement standards. To register, the candidate must create a CrossFit account and pay the $10 fees to access the Judge’s course. After completing the course, the candidate must pass the online test to qualify for certification. The Pass rate for the test is 80%, meaning that the judge must have scored at least 40 out of the 50 questions posed in the test.

3. Register as a Level 1 Trainer

Level 1 Crossfit Trainer Course

Before qualifying as a CrossFit Games Judge, an individual must hold a Level 1 Trainer Certificate. The Level 1 Certification is the starting point into the world of Crossfit. The certification introduces the basic movements, proper form, programming principles and puts a strong emphasis on safety. The training enables the trainers to deliver the core concepts of fitness and nutrition to athletes of all fitness levels. The Level 1 Certification enables the trainers to gain practical skills and knowledge on how to deliver safe and effective coaching approaches. The Level 1 certification typically takes a weekend, and the registration fees vary among countries but it usually starts at $1,000.

4. Acquire Practical Experience in Judging CrossFit Events

Crossfit Games Judging

The CrossFit Games competition is fast-paced, and the judge’s role is critical in ensuring the event’s overall success. CrossFit demands a level of professionalism, expertise, accuracy, and competency in all the judges’ actions. As such, judges must have practical experience in Judging CrossFit events to demonstrate their competency in officiating. To gain experience, one may volunteer as a judge in local competitions, network with other judges and trainers, and work to earn certification in additional CrossFit courses, including the Level 2 Trainer and Weightlifting, Specialty. When applying to judge in local competitions, be prepared, know the Crossfit movements and rules inside-out, and be ready for various eventualities because judging can sometimes be chaotic.

In summary, obtaining a CrossFit Games Judge certification requires extensive knowledge and experience in CrossFit rules, standards, and regulations. Crossfit demands a high level of professionalism, fairness, and accuracy in every judge’s action, and certification is the perfect platform for creating a pool of competent and reliable judges. The certification knows no boundaries; anyone from anywhere globally can register, complete the course, and become a CrossFit Games official. Becoming a judge is an incredible achievement and responsibility, and the above steps outline an extensive path to achieving this feat.

Benefits of Completing the CrossFit Games Judges Course

CrossFit Games Judges Course

CrossFit is a high-intensity fitness program that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is a great way to improve your health, fitness, and overall quality of life. With that in mind, if you are interested either in competing in or officiating at CrossFit events, completing the CrossFit Games Judges Course is a great idea. Here are five benefits of completing the course.

Better Understanding of CrossFit Standards and Movements

CrossFit Movements

The CrossFit Games Judges Course is designed to teach individuals how to judge CrossFit events properly. This includes an in-depth understanding of CrossFit standards and movements. Judges also learn how to recognize good form and proper technique during CrossFit workouts. Completing this course gives you a better understanding of the sport and the rules and regulations governing it. You’ll develop knowledge of how to set up and run a CrossFit competition to the same standards as those set by the CrossFit Games.

Improving Your Own CrossFit Skill Set

CrossFit Skill Set

In addition to learning how to judge CrossFit events, completing the course can also help improve your own CrossFit skill set. The course provides insight into the different movements used in CrossFit, and the techniques required to perform them safely and correctly. You will gain knowledge of how to improve your technique, how to break down movements for others, and gain an understanding of how bodies move in different ways. These skills are invaluable both as a coach or athlete and help you to perform better in WODs (workouts of the day).

Opportunity to Build a Network

CrossFit Community

The course is taught by CrossFit Games judges and professionals, who are often engaged in local crossfit events, making it an excellent networking opportunity. You will meet other instructors, coaches, judges, and administrators who share your passion for fitness. You may also have the opportunity to volunteer or participate in other CrossFit events, giving you access to the CrossFit community and building relationships with other people in the field. Building relationships within the community may open you to future career opportunities, both in Crossfit and other fitness industries.

Enhancing your Communication and Leadership Skills


As a judge, you will need to have good communication and leadership skills. You must be able to clearly explain CrossFit standards and movements to competitors, coaches, and other officials. You must also be able to recognize and address any safety concerns, confront people who fail to comply with rules or engage in cheating. Assertiveness, good communication skills, and leadership are crucial in running a successful competition, and completing the course hones these skills over time.

Adds Value to your Resume


Completing the CrossFit Games Judges Course is a significant accomplishment that shows your commitment to the Crossfit community and its standards. Adding this certification to your resume will make you more marketable in the CrossFit community as well as in other fitness industries. The learning and development showcased through this certification demonstrate your work ethic, attention to detail, and careful observation to ensure accuracy and precision. These are highly valuable transferable skills that will aid in promotions, new job ventures or even higher education.

In summary, completing the CrossFit Games Judges Course is beneficial for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge and relationship with the CrossFit community. The course provides insight into CrossFit standards, movements, and techniques that will ultimately benefit both athletes and coaches. Additionally, it presents a great networking opportunity for building relationships with other CrossFit professionals, enhances soft skills like communication and leadership, and adds value to your resume. Register for this course now and take your CrossFit journey to the next level.

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