How to get free internet on Android

Free Internet app VPN for Android


Free Internet, of course you really want to be like that, without buying quota, credit but can ber-internetan especially for teenagers who like to watch movies can stream via android.

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Now Bimbim will provide information / ways / tricks or whatever you want about free internet on android.

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Free Internet Applications
Enough talk in the main paragraph, let’s go straight to the first discussion, take a good look at the following.

1. Http Injector

Http Injector Is an android application for the most famous free internet and the number one in my opinion because it is very stable for internet, streaming, downloading and so on.

How to use it is quite easy, but if you can’t you can see the tutorial on Youtube.

2. Kpn Tunnel

Kpn Tunnel is also an android application for free Internet just like Http Injector and kpn Tunnel is quite stable for internet and smooth for downloading, streaming and so on.

Kpn Tunnel also has siblings, namely Kpn Tunnel Ultimate and Kpn Tunnel v2.0.3, if you can’t use it yet you can see the tutorial on Youtube.

3. Eproxy

Next is eproxy. This application is the same as kpn tunnel, it’s just that the Kpn tunnel application is better / more stable in my opinion but according to you I don’t know.

This application has the disadvantage that it is easy to DC (DisConnect) and easy to unload the contents of the config. How to use it is the same as other free internet applications.

4. OpenVPN

Furthermore, the 4th is OpenVPN. This Free Internet Application is more complicated to use than other applications because it contains a lot of content.

In my opinion, this application is not very good but there is also a good thing, namely that it can have free internet. the config of this application is in the .ovpn format.

5. Psiphon

Next and the last is psiphon. Psiphon is a free internet application without config this application only requires an active bug.

And remote proxy alone is very easy but there is still a difference from applications that use this application config for download, streaming is not too good compared to applications that use config.

Thus the article from yudhistya about the 5 best free internet applications that can be used as a way / insight, hopefully it can add to your knowledge.

If there is a review that is not clear or there are things that you want to ask, please ask in the comments column provided, thank you.

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