How to Start Trading Forex
How to Start Trading Forex

How to Start Trading Forex

How to Start Trading Forex

Do you want to get into Forex Trading the right way? Check out how to start forex trading for beginners so that you don’t go the following way.

Maybe you already know and often hear about one way to earn large amounts of money online, namely by trading forex.

It’s just that, there are still few people who know how to start trading forex. Here is here to give you a brief guide on how to start trading forex for beginners.

How To Start Forex Trading For Beginners?

Of course, everyone has been a beginner when they just started something, so people can’t suddenly master and become proficient in it.

Therefore, a guide is needed so that it can help advanced beginners and become experts in their fields in the future.

This also applies to you when you are investing, namely forex investment which is currently a hot topic discussed on social media. In fact, there are lots of websites circulating to teach how to start forex trading especially for beginners.

Well, with you knowing the right information about how to do forex trading properly and well, in order to avoid losses. Here are some steps to help you in forex trading as follows.

1. Create a Demo Account

Forex trading or can be interpreted as an activity of exchanging foreign currencies. Where is the profit obtained from the difference between the increase and decrease in the value of the currency.

For those of you forex beginners, it would be nice to start with a demo account that has been provided, where the capital is using virtual money. However, keep in mind that this demo account is only a bridge or advice to learn forex trading.

So, you should also learn about how to process forex transactions rather than just looking at the dynamics of the money market movement chart.

Usually the demo account that is used for forex beginners and learning forex trading, already has a real picture of the conditions of the foreign exchange market.

Then, your demo account can also be used to practice skills such as the analysis needed as a trader and practice sharp intuition.

For those of you who want to create a demo account, it is recommended to contact trusted brokers.

2. Know the Types of Trading Platforms

After you create and have a demo account, then enter the stages of learning forex trading with real market situations. However, there is one step you need to take to proceed to that stage, which is to create or register with a trading platform.

Then the demo account was not enough? In fact, the demo account that you create through a broker is an identity for you as a trader.

However, you still have to register the account with the available trading platforms, to proceed to the stage of the forex trading learning process.

The reason is, right now there are lots of trading platforms available online and you can use them to learn about forex trading. So, to get access to the trading platform, you can contact the broker who managed the demo account beforehand.

3. Learn Technical and Fundamental Indicators

Next you have to understand the indicators when learning forex trading. One of them is this technical and fundamental indicator which is the most important instrument.

This technical indicator is one way for traders to be able to describe market conditions as well as predict foreign exchange prices and the direction of future movements in the future.

However, you also have to continue to explore or understand really about these technical indicators, this is one of the important stages when learning forex trading.

Now if you already understand about technical indicators, this will certainly make it easier for you to do calculations or analyzes regarding prices, market interest, as well as volume related to foreign exchange.

Then, apart from technical indicators, there are also fundamental indicators.

This fundamental indicator is your reference for analyzing in learning forex trading. Generally, this fundamental indicator analyzes in the form of issues in politics that are developing in foreign countries, economic data and foreign currency movements.


The economic data you research is usually in the form of inflation and the economic outlook of a country. The basic theory is, if a country has fairly good economic prospects, then you will analyze the strengthening of a currency value in that country. Likewise vice versa.

4. Understand the Risks Before Plunging or Trading

After understanding all the knowledge and even the good stages for learning forex trading, you are also obliged and must understand all the risks when starting forex trading seriously.

Risk is always present in every investment and trading activity. However, you can overcome it with a good understanding and management of course.

In order to avoid losses, you also need to make good strategies to be able to divert large potential losses.

Well, those were the stages for beginners to start forex trading. Knowledge of these basics is very important so that you can avoid substantial losses and help you also to benefit from this forex trading activity.

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