Maternity And Family Coverage In European Health Insurance Plans

Maternity And Family Coverage In European Health Insurance Plans – If you’re thinking about starting a family or expanding it, especially if you’re working and living abroad, you have a lot to plan and manage. Choosing a health insurance plan for pregnancy is an easy decision. We can offer flexible maternity cover to protect your growing family. Moreover, insured members are covered for treatment of COVID-19

• Any special conditions shown on your certificate of insurance (and on the special condition form issued before the policy came into effect, if relevant).

Maternity And Family Coverage In European Health Insurance Plans


Maternity And Family Coverage In European Health Insurance Plans

• Costs are reasonable and customary in the country of treatment, in accordance with standard and generally accepted medical practices. If we consider the claim to be unreasonable, we reserve the right to refuse or reduce the amount we pay.

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Cover will not be provided if any aspect of the cover, purpose, activity, business or underlying business violates any applicable regulatory law or the United Nations, European Union or any other applicable economic or trade regulatory law or regulation.

Support for mental and emotional well-being with apps and services like fitness coaching, expat assistance program, digital check-up and Visa Mind Coaching App

Talk to an experienced medical team 24/7 via phone, tablet or computer

International Family Health Insurance

Expert medical support if you are unsure of a diagnosis or surgery. Call our helpline and ask for second medical opinion services

If you’re planning to grow your family, our care plans offer fantastic benefits with optional extras to help you tailor your cover to suit your needs.

Step 1: Select your Core Plan and Select Deductible Our Core Plan options include a comprehensive selection of in-patient benefits and day-care such as hospital accommodation, surgery, medical evacuation and more. All of our core plans include a selection of global health services aimed at improving your quality of life.

Maternity And Family Coverage In European Health Insurance Plans

Step 2: Add any optional plans Adding any of our optional plans like out-patient, dental, maternity and repatriation cover gives you the flexibility and choice to enhance your cover.

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Step 3:  Select your Cover Area: Worldwide**, Worldwide except USA**,     Africa is the only global access to treatment cover so you can use your medical cover in any country in the covered area. It is better to choose an area where you usually travel or live for more than 6 months of the year. ** Terms and conditions and regulatory restrictions

(In-patient, day-care and out-patient treatment; must be started within 14 days of discharge after cessation of acute medical and/or surgical treatment)

When these benefit amounts are reached, any excess costs are reimbursed under the terms of any special out-patient plan

When these benefit amounts are reached, any additional costs are reimbursed under the terms of any separate dental plan

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Reimbursement for a digital health app of your choice for the prevention, detection and management of a disease or condition.

Provides access to expert advice on the best treatment options available if you are diagnosed with a serious illness or surgery is recommended

A deductible, also referred to as an ‘excess’ in health insurance, is the part of the cost you pay and we deduct it from the amount we pay. Where deductions are applicable, they are payable per person per policy year

Maternity And Family Coverage In European Health Insurance Plans

Maternity Plans One of the following maternity plans can be purchased with our Care Pro or Care Plus plans.

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Add an out-patient plan and ensure that your daily medical expenses are covered. Our Active Pro or Active Plus outpatient plans include additional maternity benefits such as:

Choose what and how much you want covered depending on your needs and budget. Discounts are available when two or more children are insured under your policy

We offer a network of over 1.3 million quality medical providers, settling medical bills directly with the provider for most in-patient treatments

Choose to be covered for specific family benefits such as well-child check-ups, vaccinations, first aid course, child hearing test and more

International Health Insurance With Maternity Cover

Optional maternity and out-patient plans for added support during and after pregnancy, including breastfeeding consultations, pregnancy yoga, postnatal counseling and more

With the MyHealth app and portal you can submit claims, explore your cover, view the policy and access digital tools and services to help you manage your health and wellness.

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the nature of our cover and how we protect members worldwide.

Maternity And Family Coverage In European Health Insurance Plans

You can get treatment in any of your covered countries as shown on your insurance certificate.

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If you choose to travel to another country within your Covered Area, even if the treatment you need is available locally, we will reimburse you for all eligible medical expenses covered by your policy terms; Except for your travel expenses.

If eligible treatment is not available locally and your cover includes “medical evacuation”, we will also cover travel expenses to the nearest suitable medical facility. To claim for medical and travel expenses in these circumstances, you must complete and submit a treatment guarantee form before you travel.

You will be covered for eligible expenses incurred in your home country.

This is the geographical area where your cover is valid. We offer multiple geographic area of ​​cover options – please check your Certificate of Insurance to confirm which applies to you.

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For example, if your cover area is “worldwide”, this means that your cover is valid *everywhere* in the world. If your cover area is “Africa”, your cover is valid everywhere in Africa.

*Our policies do not provide any cover or benefit for any business or activity to the extent that the cover or benefit or the underlying business or activity violates any applicable United Nations, European Union or other applicable law or regulation. Applicable financial or commercial permit law or regulations. Covered areas are subject to your policy terms and conditions.

Our Bloom and Bloom Plus Maternity Plans cover common maternity and delivery issues. Please note that a 16-month waiting period applies to these benefits. If selected, the following additional family and maternity benefits are available on our Active Pro or Active Plus Out-Patient Plans.

Maternity And Family Coverage In European Health Insurance Plans

Certainly, we can provide different levels of cover from policyholder to dependent. Please call our dedicated sales team on +353 1 514 8480 to discuss this product.

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We usually cover pre-existing conditions (including chronic pre-existing conditions) unless we say so in writing before the start of the policy. If your underwriting terms are moratorium or CPME/CTT (formerly MORI), there is a 24-month waiting period before claims for any pre-existing medical conditions are eligible. After you complete a continuous 24-month period after your start date, your pre-existing medical condition may be covered if you have no symptoms, needed or received treatment, medication, special diet or advice or given. Any other indications of the condition.

Moratorium underwriting sets a waiting period for pre-existing medical conditions to limit insurance risk. This means:

Here’s the story behind what we do and why we do it. Our goal is to help you stay healthy.

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Maternal Health Unit

Did you know we have a support page for members with everything you need to know to get the most out of your cover.

Some of the services that may be included in your plan are provided by third party providers outside the Allianz Group, such as the Expat Assistance Program, Travel Security Services, HealthSteps App, Second Medical Opinion and Tele-medicine services. If included in your plan, these services will be shown in your table of benefits. These services are available to you subject to your acceptance of the terms and conditions of your policy and the terms and conditions of third parties. These services may be subject to geographic restrictions. The HealthSteps app does not provide medical or health advice and the wellness resources on Olive are for informational purposes only. The HealthSteps app and the wellness resources on Olive should not be considered a substitute for professional advice (medical, physical or psychological). They are not a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment, assessment or care you need from your own doctor. You understand and agree that AWP Health & Life SA (Irish Branch) and AWP Health & Life Services Limited shall not be responsible or liable for any claim, loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from your use of any of these third party services. Whether you’re planning a family or already have children – you want to make sure you and your baby have access to the best possible maternity care

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