Promoting Health And Wellness: European Health Insurance Initiatives For Lifestyle Management

Promoting Health And Wellness: European Health Insurance Initiatives For Lifestyle Management – We collaborate with other public health and social actors in many joint European and international projects and Actions.

Through our project work, we enable collaboration. We help design, implement and advance policy and research in the area of ​​health disparities and health determinants.

Promoting Health And Wellness: European Health Insurance Initiatives For Lifestyle Management


Promoting Health And Wellness: European Health Insurance Initiatives For Lifestyle Management

CHAIN ​​is a leading center and research network for international research on health inequalities, based at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). It brings together the most prominent researchers in the fields of health determinants, civil society and the UN system to advance research on health inequalities and bridge the gap between research and other fields.

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CHAIN’s goal is to increase understanding of health disparities and research effective policies and practices to protect the health of vulnerable groups and reduce health disparities. In doing so, it generates evidence and tools for policymakers and public health institutes to create effective policies and practices to increase health equity.

In 2018, CHAIN ​​was supported by the Research Council of Norway within the BEDREHELSE program (2019 – 2024). UNICEF, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) and the University of Washington’s Global Burden of Disease Study are key partners in this effort, along with leading researchers on global health disparities. . CHAIN ​​aims to establish a new approach to better determine the causes of health disparities, their impact on groups such as children and their families, and to identify best practices to reduce health disparities in various regions of the world.

Together with UNICEF Norway, it is leading the work of work package 4; bridging research, policy and practice.

Best-ReMaP is a Europe-wide Joint Action that aims to help create an environment that guarantees healthy food for a healthy future, helping to improve the quality of food supplied to European citizens. It is funded by the Health Program of the European Union, implemented by 36 partners from 24 EU Member States, and delivered through the collaborative work of seven European groups.

Promoting Adolescent Well Being

It is supporting the Italian National Institute of Health (ISS) in the 4th work package, namely the WP that aims to transfer and integrate the results of the core WP of the Joint Action WP into EU policies, thus responding to the call made by various EU institutions and actors. Urgent and coordinated action on food and nutrition systems in the EU, particularly on the regulation and procurement of food in educational and institutional settings, food reformulation and advertising policies and practices. The main objective of WP4 is to seek policy dialogue at the EU level, supported by the findings of other core WPs, to suggest changes in existing food policies and to make participation in policy dialogue events more attractive for EU actors.

The Erasmus+ BeWell project “Blueprint alliance for a future hEealth Workforce straEgy on digital and green sLLs” (2022-2025) aims to build a movement of actors in the health sector, to help and support the development, implementation and scaling up of a strategy around training those who and retraining of European health workers. This means addressing the skills needed to support the digital and green transition of the healthcare ecosystem at local, regional, national and ultimately European levels (through the Skills Pact).

By addressing existing skills mismatches and strengthening capacities, the project will better prepare health workers to face future challenges and adapt to constantly evolving social contexts. To this end, the BeWell project will build comprehensive curricula and training programs aimed at all health care professionals, including health students, health professionals and professionals in emerging professions.

Promoting Health And Wellness: European Health Insurance Initiatives For Lifestyle Management

It will strongly support the development of skills intelligence, which includes, among other things, the identification and analysis of existing training and education initiatives in the EU. In doing so, we will support the skills strategy by focusing on embedding skills in public health, as well as ensuring that the strategy is underpinned by a health and social equity approach. This will also be our focus as part of our education and training programs designed to educate and train healthcare professionals.

Health And Clinical Impacts Of Air Pollution And Linkages With Climate Change

Blue Adapt is the new Horizon Europe project of the Basque Center for Climate Change (BC3) which will start in October 2022. It will investigate the impacts of climate change on coastal waters, and evaluate and quantify the risks associated with human health. Project partners will develop an expanded One Health conceptual framework that will connect with existing models of ecological public health and take health equity considerations into account. Seven case studies across Europe will investigate different adaptation options and identify facilitators and barriers to action to reduce risks to human health from coastal pathogens. BlueAdapt will develop tools for policy makers and citizens, such as early warning systems and safe swimming apps.

Mentalitatea (“Implementing Mental Health QALITY Practices”) is an EU4Health funded project running from January 2023 to February 2025. This project will address the mental health impacts of COVID-19 by testing promising established European practices to create a pathway to success and success. Sustainable transfer and adaptation of practices in participating countries. This process will lead to an increase in the level of countries and their implementation in other EU countries in the future.

​ It is a key partner of the consortium for the project, aiming at the transfer and implementation of good practices in the field of mental health and social inclusion. The Mentality project will pilot the established European practices targeting five groups of populations in need: (1) children, (2) health and other care workers, (3) people with mental health problems, (4) those in need. community-based services and service providers, as well as (5) migrants. These initiatives will be taken to the five participating EU member states.

The objective of Invest4Health (“Mobilizing new financial models for health promotion and disease prevention”) is to promote new ways of financing health promotion and disease prevention, using a model called ‘smart capacitating investment’ (SCI), where it has financial benefits for health. and other sectors exceed the initial costs and provide a sustainable return on investment.

Health Index Of Countries Worldwide In 2023

It will lead a work package on ‘Operational Readiness and Capacity Building’, which aims to (1) achieve stronger collaboration between health systems, public health entities and other key stakeholders; (2) helping to integrate locally-based and economically sustainable interventions, and (3) supporting decision-makers and policy makers to achieve changes in health promotion financing. Other key tasks include helping to develop a conceptual framework for smart enablement investment. In general, the existing eGuide for financing Health Promotion will be based on the best practices identified in the guide and through other projects (eg JA CHRODIS PLUS).

BEST-COST is a research project that aims to improve methodologies for understanding the socio-economic cost of environmental stressors, focusing on air and noise pollution. It is carried out by a consortium of 17 partners from Europe and the USA to gather expertise on environmental burden of disease (BOD) assessment.

These results will help harmonize socio-economic assessments of environmental stressors across Europe and lead to improved economic and health models in European, national and local policy.

Promoting Health And Wellness: European Health Insurance Initiatives For Lifestyle Management

BEST-COST is funded by the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA). it will lead the 9th work package on communication, extension and exploitation activities.

Declaration Of Action

Resonate is a four-year Horizon Europe-funded Research and Innovation project exploring the health, environmental, economic and social impacts of so-called ‘green care’, ‘nature-based social prescribing’ or ‘Nature-based therapy (NbT)’. interventions The project includes a review of interventions from around the world, nine NbT case studies and three social innovation actions that will develop nature-based resilience hubs to demonstrate best practices for scaling up and scaling up successful interventions. The aim is to provide practical guidance and tools for implementing NbT and is expected to have a significant impact on the future development and use of NbT in health and social care across Europe. Resonate is coordinated by the University of Vienna.

She is leading a work package that examines the health equity impacts of the project’s case studies, and develops greater clarity around the concerns, challenges, barriers, needs and opportunities for nature-based therapies to improve health and well-being in order to provide guidance. health professionals and increasing the use of nature-based therapy.

FEAST aims to catalyze Europe’s just transition to a ‘Win-Win-Win-Win’ food system that sees huge benefits for people, the planet and the public and private sectors.

Through HORIZON-CL6-2021-FARM2FORK-01-15, we want to support Europe’s food systems from today’s “Lose-Lose-Lose-Win” big food systems where only big food corporations “win” to leave the system. enormous negative effects on the environment, health and the public sector. FEAST aims to advance the state of the art by leveraging current best practices and designing new solutions across Europe to identify how actors in the food system, including the most vulnerable groups, can be supported and enabled to facilitate and leverage a just transition. Healthier and more sustainable eating behaviour: at all levels of the food system (micro, meso and macro) and in all sectors (producers, distributors, retailers and consumers).

Cigna Cathay Premier Health Plan: Insurance Worldwide Coverage

FEAST is leading the Policy Work Package (WP7), which aims to co-design policy recommendations using policy dialogue.

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